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COI Summer Scientific Retreat 2023

The COI Summer Scientific Retreat 2023 came to a successful conclusion. It has been very eventful during the past two weeks with a variety of events being organized.

We were excited to welcome our overseas collaborators from Munich and Toronto for travelling back to Hong Kong again this Summer.

A series of focus group meetings had been held to strengthen research collaboration among local and overseas researchers to drive innovative directions for the research & development of the Centre. By drawing on the strengths of experts across multidisciplinary areas of scientific research as well as sharing resources with our international collaborators, we believe that our vision of developing innovative therapies to combat hard-to-treat cancers across the globe can be realized sooner with the combined efforts.

A closing networking lunch following our monthly Journal Club had also been organised on the last day as a wrap up event. The lunch session was filled with laughter and positive energy, ending the incredibly busy two weeks on a high note.

Our staff are integral to who we are, and their expertise is at the heart of our success. We are committed to create a supportive working environment where everyone feels like they belong to so that they can achieve their full potential.


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