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COI Researchers Receive the Li Ka Shing Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award

Huge congratulations to our brilliant researchers at the Centre for Oncology and Immunology on receiving the prestigious Li Ka Shing Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award from the University of Hong Kong for their groundbreaking paper, "Escape from cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesion dependence underscores disease progression in gastric cancer organoid models," which was published in the esteemed journal Gut.


A special shout-out to our Centre Co-Director, Professor Suet Yi Leung, and our Centre PI, Dr. Helen Yan, who expertly led the research team.  We'd also like to recognize the outstanding work of Dr. Yin Tong, who served as the first author on this remarkable paper.


This achievement highlights the exceptional talent and dedication of our researchers in the pursuit of advancing cancer research and improving patient outcomes. Keep up the fantastic work!


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