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The Centre for Oncology and Immunology Builds Connections at the Asia Summit on Global Health

The Centre for Oncology and Immunology (COI) recently participated in the Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH) held on May 16-17, 2024. This prestigious annual event fosters cross-disciplinary collaboration by uniting policymakers, business leaders, healthcare experts, healthcare startups, potential investors and industry partners from around the world. Participants explored business partnership opportunities through exhibition booths, deal-making meetings, live start-up pitches, and panel discussions. This year marked COI’s third time participating as an exhibitor in the InnoHealth Showcase, where our booth highlighted COI’s cutting-edge research and innovative technologies in the immuno-oncology field.


A standout feature of our participation at ASGH 2024 was the award-winning work of Professor Alan Wong and his team, who recently received the Bank of China Hong Kong Science and Technology Prize in Life and Health and a silver medal at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva. Professor Wong’s research focuses on developing and applying CRISPR-based tools for precision genome editing, aiming to identify novel therapeutic targets and create personalized cancer treatments.


During the event, Professor Wong, his team and other COI staff engaged in meaningful conversations with a diverse group of attendees, including researchers, investors, and representatives from various companies and organizations. These fruitful interactions allowed us to share insights and knowledge about our work, while also opening doors for future collaborations and partnerships that could potentially help COI accelerate the development and implementation of our novel research.


Professor Wong, a principal investigator at COI, shared his thoughts on the event, “I think ASGH provides a very unique platform to connect scientists and healthcare innovators with business investors and industry partners, giving us an incredible opportunity to potentially build meaningful partnerships or collaborations that could impact cancer treatment and patient care. I am very glad we participated and found it to be a very useful and rewarding experience”


ASGH 2024 has been an enriching experience, yielding valuable networking opportunities that have the potential to form new partnerships. We look forward to next year’s ASGH, as COI continues to push the boundaries of scientific discovery, with the aim of making transformative advancements in cancer treatment and patient care worldwide.


Stay updated on COI’s latest news and research breakthroughs by following us on our social media platforms and visiting our website. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.


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