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COI Researchers Participated in the 41st Sapporo International Cancer Conference

It was an absolute privilege for our researchers to represent the Centre for Oncology and Immunology in participating at the 41st Sapporo International Cancer Symposium - SICS-OMICS Cancer Organoid Meeting: Domain Expansion, held in Tokyo, Japan from 11 – 14 October 2023.

Many thanks to Prof. Toshiro Sato, chairperson of the 41st Sapporo International Cancer Symposium, for inviting our Managing Director – Prof. Suet Yi Leung as the chair for Session 4: Stomach Cancer, and our Principal Investigator – Dr. Helen Yan as the speaker for the Talk: Escape from cell-cell and cell matrix adhesion dependence underscores disease progression in gastric cancer organoid models.

This symposium brought together esteemed researchers from around the world to share on their latest discoveries and valuable insights on the use of cancer organoid technology in human cancers. By engaging with various industry leaders, this symposium provided a fantastic opportunity for our researchers to strengthen industry network and explore potential international collaboration.

All in all, it was a wonderful event that demonstrated the most recent research findings and clinical applications in the ongoing fight against cancer. A big thank you to the organisers - Sapporo Cancer Seminar Foundation and the Moonshot R&D Program for making this event a terrific success.


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